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Commercial Drone Solutions for UtilitiesTelecom, Utility Poles, Service Stations and more

It is smart for utility companies to consider using drones to inspect Utility poles, water systems, oil lines and other utility services by aerial view for our everyday use. Saving time by using a UAV operator allows for more efficient usage of time and allows documented photography and/or videography of the situation before any work ever gets done. The OC Drone Pilot for Hire provides a complete inspection solution in California and around the USA with expert inspection services that covers all of your required needs. Any utility site previously thought to be unsafe, the OC Drone Pilot for hire can fly over and check for anything hazardous, potentially dangerous or maybe even just obstructing the path to help get a better understanding of the gear needed.

It’s even harder to inspect utilities, power lines and towers during winter months. The time when its cold, snowing and generally unsafe weather for an electrician to complete inspections the OC Drone Pilot For hire can assist and capture the environment for you with an aerial view to get the job completed. The drone service I provide makes it possible to complete inspections any month of the year. Now while drones can’t fly in storms, blizzards or hurricanes, drones can operate in down to -4º to complete aerial utility inspections anywhere in the US.

Aerial Utility Pole Inspection

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