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Commercial and Residential Real EstateAerial Photography

As an Aerial Photography pilot, Real Estate & Commercial Real Estate agents have an opportunity to showcase even more of their properties with aerial imagery and video’s. Drone Pilots around the world have been able to help generate better sales opportunities where they would have been over looked without the bonus of additional details of Real Estate aerial photography.

People have always enjoyed viewing their potential new home as well as a prospected new business property from above. Seeing the rooftops, decks, landscaping, swimming pools, surrounding businesses as well as a view of the traffic from the sky make the offering much more attractive. Realtors and Brokers who know this are always one step ahead of the game which you the customer have probably had a wonderful opportunity to see already. UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are here to stay. They are the future to a growing society that will be most beneficial to anyone wanting a bird’s eye view without using a Helicopter or airplane.

With constantly upgraded technology, the imagery gets more impressive almost yearly. When this awesome imagery gets properly placed in a well-edited presentation, the results are almost mesmerizing. It is always recommended getting as much footage and stills of the area in order to make the best 2 to 3 minute advertising video of the property. No matter what pilot you choose make sure to capture a full 360 degrees of the property and an array of backgrounds to highlight the area and surely to entice your customers.

Hiring a certified and trained pilot is vital for many reasons, safety being on top of the list. Also ensuring the FAA regulations are met. Orange County Aerial Solutions here at is 100% up to date with laws and is maintaining a FAA Part 107 status. We also have a 2.5 million dollar UAV liability insurance and keep very strict safety policies to ensure our in building (Yes, I am legal to fly drones in your house and property due to my strict protocol rules) and out of building ability to fly.

Have a property you would like to get an estimate on? Contact me and I will be happy to capture it for you.