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About Brad ChismOC Drone Pilot For Hire


Well Hello,

Welcome to the about Brad section. To be honest, this took me forever to write as I am not really a talker and hopefully you enjoy reading it, if not, well maybe you enjoy my work better?


So now I begin, I started flying RC planes at the age of 7 when I took a buddy box lesson from my great uncle Bob. The plane was a Nitro engine top wing aircraft that looked like a SIG Kadet. I am not sure the exact kit or if it was a kit, My great uncle loved building planes and I just remember grabbing the controls for the first time feeling joyed but nervous. After that first lesson I was hooked, I came home that summer and the funny thing about my dad is he loved buying and selling things for a side business, well I picked up those skills and I would try to buy and sell what I could to earn enough to finally buy a used controller and receiver so I can start practicing my flying skills. I remember picking up a used Fatuba 4 channel from the Cypress swap meet and coming up to test it all out in hopes my money was well spent. I was spent when I saw that servo move by my fingers, after that I would make small planes and practice at schools or if my dad had the time we would go to Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley before it got torn out and practice flying and learning from everyone at that field. My dad eventually purchased a bigger plane, lowing trainer that we would fly as if tomorrow never was going to happen.  From then on I tried my hardest to fly as often as I could. Now, after years of Nitro I converted to electric since it has almost the amount of power as Nitro did and it’s much quieter. You can fly in smaller areas depending the size of your bird and the technology these days from when Analog was out is insane. Every time I fly I still remember my uncle giving me the controls for the first time and it still brings me joy to fly.

I am a father of 3 beautiful kids, everyone probably says their kids are beautiful though right? Well to me as a dad I could not ask for a better gift from anyone or anything. My kids are amazing and it’s as simple as that.

As I was growing up I had a passion for technology, since I loved tinkering with electronics and wanted to understand how things worked, I eventually landed in the world of Information Technology. I went to school for Network Security and I even became certified in Cisco, Microsoft as well as Crestron. I eventually started my own business and have ran it since 2009 in the IT world, now however I am looking to excel in Aerial Photography as this new path of Flying remote control photography vehicles are a thing of the future.