Aerial Photography & Video Pilot For Hire in Orange County and Surrounding Areas

Drone Services

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– Land Surveying
– Agriculture
– Construction
– Insurance & Investigations
– Telecommunication & Utilities
– Special Events
– Security Surveys


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Aerial Photography and Imaging

As a UAV/Drone pilot I have the opportunity to push limits, go higher or further than a typical camera can go. I enjoy getting shots that people dream to get, now with 4K and soon adding an 8K Camera drone, I can capture everything you would ever want, in the best quality around.


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4K & High Definition Aerial Video

The majority of people are now just understanding what 4K is. 4K resolution, also called 4K, refers to a horizontal resolution in the order of 3840 (or 4096) pixels and vertical resolution in the order of 2160 pixels. To make this simply, most computers like the one you are viewing this site still use 1080p or half of the compacity of what I capture clients work in.


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Ever heard the saying, A Picture is worth a Thousand words? Let’s make yours worth two thousand.

Every flight shows me something new, however, my vision remains the same:
“Provide an inspiring aerial photography and videography shoot in a safe, respectful and professional manner, one client at a time.

Without question, safety is always my number-one priority. I believe in being an ambassador of this emerging capability, and understand that its misuse could endanger public safety as well as the environment around us if mishandled.  I take industry-leading steps to minimize risk and am pleased to say that I have a perfect safety record.

I maintain a 2.5 million dollar injury and property liability insurance policy specifically tailored for commercial UAV operations.  Based on my extensive safety protocols, I am one of few aerial operators that is fully authorized by the insurer for indoor commercial operations.

Before every flight, I conduct a 28-point pre-flight inspection of the aerial equipment and inspect the entire flight area to check for any hazards such as humans, trees, wires or obstructions that are both movable and immovable.  I require permission from the client for all flights, never flying directly over people or out of the direct line of sight. I also inform neighbors 2 days in advance by notices on their doors that also includes a brief safety plan to all bystanders in case of an equipment failure.  For indoor flights, only the pilot and safety briefed crew members are allowed in the space being filmed.  I do reserve the right to refuse a mission based on safety concerns.

My Values & PrinciplesMaking the customer family

  • Trust in doing businessFor over 20 years I have had the opportunity to service clients in the IT, Web and SEO Field. I have surpassed expectations with them, now moving onto a field I am very passionate about, let me bring that same expectation to you.
  • Improving resultsTaking previously learned safety precautions and years of flying experience, when a new project comes along I pull out my back of tricks and apply them to make future projects better than the last.
  • Safety as the first resortIn this world of flying vehicles and everyone on their cell phones, I take great pride in making sure I always run a 28 point safety check before I take off and I always make sure that before I land I take a good 30 seconds to observe the area for any new safety concerns to avoid any threats that could otherwise be harmful.
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